The madcap world in Cold Storage, Alaska

Cold Storage, AlaskaPerhaps it’s the isolation or the weather, but Cold Storage, Alaska is full of quirk- quirky people and quirky stories. Miles, the local physician’s assistant, tries to help his patients with their issues, though he should be used to it since he was raised there. He also dutifully takes care of his mother, but his world is about to be turned upside down with the arrival of his brother, Clive.

Clive has been gone a long time, including seven years in prison for dealing drugs. Now on probation he decides to return home. His eminent arrival is announced when a local state trooper shows up threatening the local populace because he’s desperate to bust Clive. When Clive returns home he is followed by his ex-business partner who wants Clive’s money, and soon everything turns into a screwball comedy complete with talking animals. Cold Storage, Alaska by John Straley is a madcap story, but the true charm of this book are the characters and in the end how they care for each other.

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