Intro to Dungeons and Dragons

The core of Dungeons and Dragons is storytelling. Role-playing games have encouraged youth and adults to flex their creativity since D&D was first published in 1974. A group of friends tells a story together, guiding your heroes through quests, battles and rescues. To extend the experience, engaging board games and immersive video games further develop the fantasy setting of Dungeons & Dragons, along with many fantasy novels, including the Forgotten Realms books and Dungeons and Dragons comics and graphic novels.

Happiness is a Natural 20

A key component of the table-top version of Dungeons and Dragons is the rolling of dice to determine the degree an attempted action succeeds or fails. While each player controls their character, some outcomes are determined by chance. For example, on an ability check for a particular action, rolling a 1 is an automatic failure while rolling a 20 is an automatic success. If only real life had a 5 percent guaranteed success rate on everything I tried to accomplish!

The Dungeon Master takes the role of lead storyteller, listening to the players’ choices for their characters, interpreting the dice roles, and playing all of the monsters and other characters in the story.

Recent popular shows like The Big Bang Theory and Critical Role promote geek culture to a wider audience. Interest in D&D is growing as people are intrigued by storytelling, socializing, character creation and strategizing.

Attend an upcoming introduction to Dungeons and Dragons learning experience at the library for a fun overview. We’ll explore a beginner campaign setting as Level 1 adventurers heading off into woods together, encountering a few dangerous creatures along the way. You can use prepared characters to learn about character sheets and combat during our interactive workshop. The library will provide tools and resources to continue the campaign, including your own set of seven polyhedral gaming dice. Attend one of the upcoming programs to receive your set of gaming dice!

Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons – Interactive Workshop

Learn D&D game basics, including character creation, combat, storytelling and role-playing. We’ll provide tools and resources to continue, including your own set of 7 polyhedral dice.

Register for one or all of these events in the library’s Learning Center, in person and socially distanced at tables.

Virtual Zoom Dungeons and Dragons: Storytelling and Roleplaying
Fri, July 9 | 6:30 – 8pm | Zoom
Learn Dungeons & Dragons table top roll playing game basics, with a focus on Storytelling and Roleplaying. Register for Zoom link.


polyhedral dice set for role playing games

The library is a perfect place to take that first step to explore your passion for learning something new – we can help jumpstart your quest — whether it’s Dungeons and Dragon or another endeavor! Get started with our links and booklist and when you hear the words “Roll for initiative!” you’ll be ready to join in the battle alongside your gaming friends.

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Dungeons & Dragons Resource List

  • Dungeons & Dragons official website – Tools, news, products and more!
  • Wizard’s Amulet – Free campaign for 5th edition.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Dice Roller – Have a phone, but not dice? Or doing some character creation when you should be doing homework? Use this!
  • d20SRD – Rules without the fluff for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and 5.
  • DnD 5th Ed. Wiki – Another source for D&D 5th edition rules.
  • Myth Weavers – Online community for storing, sharing, and building character sheets, a free campaign setting, forums, etc.
  • Roll20 – Digital tools (and an app) to help expand what you can do with paper and pencil. Map-building, rules references, online play.
  • Same Page Tool – Questionnaire for sorting out expectations related to the role playing games.
  • Deeper in the Game – Socially conscious blog and tool repository for role playing games.
  • RPG Geek – Lists, ratings, forums, downloadable support, fan created material, info on systems, etc.
  • Tabletop Weekly – YouTube channel covering tabletop games with instructional videos and gaming news.
  • Matthew Colville – YouTube personality with tips on running Dungeons & Dragons and other geeky pursuits.

The publisher describes Dungeons & Dragons as a role-playing game that is appropriate for ages 12 and up. Gameplay features reading, basic addition and descriptions of fantasy violence.

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