I didn’t know the library had book groups in a bag!

The library is the place to go when you want to check out a book, research a topic or get together with friends. Luckily, each of these aspects can be combined with Book Group in a Bag. If your group needs to check out multiple copies of a book to read together, we’ve got you covered.

Easy to reserve your copies

Each Book Group in a Bag has 10 copies of a book and discussion questions the group leader can use. Make a reservation to secure your books and get started. Then you —or a designated group member — can pick up the materials at the library!

With more than 300 books to choose from, agreeing on which book to read may be the hardest part of the process. We have titles in a wide variety of genres for all ages. Search by title, review all titles or you can even search by what’s available right now.

You can keep books for up to six week and you can reserve kits up to a year in advance. Pick up books from the Holds Room in the library or through Curbside Pickup. When your group has finished reading and discussing, you can return the kits to the customer service desk or through Curbside Pickup.

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Washburn University student Shelby Munoz is our communications intern for spring 2023.