HUSH Podcast #122 – Northeastern United States

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Northeastern United States

What counts as a book from the Northeastern United States? A book that is set in the Northeast? A book that is written by a person who lives in a Northeastern state? A book that is written by someone who was born in a Northeastern state but lives elsewhere now? Yes. All of the above! If you think it counts, it counts.

Joining us in the studio: Dr. Vanessa Steinrotter

Dr. Vanessa Steinroetter is Associate Professor and Department Chair of English and also currently serves as the co-director of the Center for Kansas Studies at Washburn University. She teaches classes in American literature, including multicultural American literature and literature of the American West. She has published articles on American literature of the antebellum period and Civil War, Walt Whitman, Louisa May Alcott and the literary reception of texts in the 19th century.

Show Notes

Dr. Vanessa Steinrotter is the perfect guest for this podcast–she really knows her Northeastern lit. Join us for a tour of the Northeast with authors ranging from canon to overlooked. Themes include:

  • Puritan heritage, faith and questions of morality
  • Intellectualism
  • Transcendentalism
  • Abolitionism
  • Rural New England, narrow-mindedness of small town life
  • The sea, maritime life
  • Urban life (especially New York City) and modernism
  • Gothic

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Thad, Miranda and Lissa host the HUSH podcast

Thad, Miranda and Lissa host the HUSH podcast

Miranda Ericsson

Miranda is your Readers Librarian. She loves to talk books, and to connect readers with their next great reads. Her favorite reads are poetry, literary fiction, and speculative science fiction, and she's passionate about promoting literature written by Kansas authors. She works with library programs that support and engage writers in our community, so ask her for more information about the Local Writers Workshop and Great Writers Right Here author fair. Miranda also facilitates TALK book discussions, co-leads the BookBites book discussion group, and serves as a member of the library's 2Book Topeka team.