Horror with an Attitude in Poe

PoeTwenty-one year old Dimitri Petrov dropped out of college after his parents were killed and now works for a dying newspaper writing obituaries. On Halloween he is sent on assignment to a séance at the Aspinwall Mansion, an abandoned home with rumors of ghosts. It seems like a joke, but things quickly turn for the worse after the psychic is possessed and then Dimitri blacks out only to wake up in the morgue.

His near death experience has left him with visions and a message from beyond because evil forces are on the loose with deadly results, and somehow Dimitri must stop them. Poe by J. Lincoln Fenn is a horror novel with quick wit as Dimitri narrates his story with a sarcastic eye as he discovers the truth about his parents and the secrets of the mansion.

Christina Callison has been blogging about books for the library’s website since 2006. She has read hundreds of books that include mysteries, fantasies, horror, thrillers, non-fiction, general fiction, and some science fiction. She continues with her goal of finding new books and authors to recommend.