Football Dreams- The True Story of 4th & Goal

4th & GoalJoe Moglia loved football his entire life and in his early thirties was living his dream as the defensive coordinator for the Dartmouth football team. However, his dream of coaching a college football team came with a price of frequent moves and low pay which was taking a toll on his family. So, Joe decided to give up his dream and make a change for his family, so he quit football and went to Wall Street.

Joe didn’t have a background in finance, and his family didn’t have any Wall Street connections- his father owned a neighborhood fruit stand. Joe seemed an unlikely candidate for a position at a major firm, but he landed a job at Merrill Lynch and through hard work and determination moved his way up in the financial world, eventually becoming the CEO of TD Ameritrade. Though Joe was at the pinnacle of an astounding career, he never forgot his dream of coaching college football.

It was over twenty-five years since Joe had been in football, too long for most teams to even consider hiring him, but his dream never died. He left the financial world and started at the bottom as an unpaid intern at the University of Nebraska and after two years was hired as the coach of the Omaha Nighthawks in the United Football League. It wasn’t college football and the United Football League was having finance problems, but this was a chance for Joe to prove he could coach.

His first season could be the beginning or the end of his dream depending on how many games Joe’s team win. 4th & Goal: One Man’s Quest to Recapture His Dream by Monte Burke is the true story of Joe’s amazing journey through life, family, finance, and football. This is an inspiring story about dreams and determination.


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