Following The Clues in Game, Set, and Murder

Game, Set, and MurderAs Wimbledon’s tournament begins the anticipation and excitement are disrupted by the murder of the former tennis star and coach Petar Belic. No one seems to know who would want to kill Petar since he was so well liked, but it is up to Detective Inspector Angela Costello to sift through the witnesses and decide who should be suspects.

There’s the ex-girlfriend who can’t let go, the business partner that may have been creative with the accounting, an estranged wife, and a player with secrets that could ruin that player’s career. With this list of possible killers Costello’s job won’t be easy, but she’s ready to use her detective team and her own logic and gut instincts to discover the killer. Game, Set, and Murder by Elizabeth Flynn is a real mystery that uses clues to solve the crime even amid the chaos of the tennis tournament.

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