The Espionage Thriller Night Heron

Night HeronTwenty years have not softened prisoner 5995’s resolve or his abilities as a spy. Also known as Peanut, he escaped from a labor camp surrounded by desert and made his way to Beijing. With brutal force and cunning he connects with his former contacts, but there has been a change. The journalist who was Peanut’s contact to the west is gone and has been replaced with Phillip Mangan, except Philip knows nothing about Peanut or spying.

Philip is a journalist who tests the rules and the patience of the authorities in his reporting, and after Peanut approaches him he mentions the encounter to someone which sets into motion the United Kingdom’s Secret Service. Philip is now involved even though he is not a part of the secret service and Peanut’s skill as a spy has unearthed a deadly secret that could destroy them all. Night Heron is an espionage thriller by Adam Brookes formerly a correspondent in China for the BBC.

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