The Dog tells the story in Dog on It

Dog On ItThe partnership of the Little Detective agency is made up of two: Bernie the human, and Chet the dog. They make a great team since Bernie knows about people things while Chet uses his dog senses to sniff out clues. Their skills are tested when a frantic mother asks for help finding her missing fifteen year-old daughter.

The mother doesn’t know if her daughter has been kidnapped, but Bernie suspects the reason behind the girl’s disappearance is dangerous and could end up being deadly. Chet’s instincts may help with finding the missing girl if evil men with other plans for Chet don’t catch him first in Dog on It by Spencer Quinn. This is a fun mystery told from Chet’s viewpoint and has some frightening moments involving Chet. This book is the first in the Chet and Bernie Mystery Series which is a bestselling and established series with multiple books.

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