Do You Use Ebooks at Your Library?

Support your Library by participating in a short national survey to help libraries, publishers, and other organizations understand how you use ebooks & libraries! 

The nationally recognized Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Project is conducting an online survey of library users.

You can help the Library and libraries across the country by taking the survey. We ask that you take the survey to help us and libraries nationwide.  All responses will be confidential. The survey should take about 15 minutes.

To take the survey, visit:

(UPDATE: Pew is having some issues with the survey. If you get a screen asking for a password, please try back later to complete the survey!)

With the rise in popularity of ebooks and ereaders, libraries, publishers, and other national organizations are trying to understand how ebooks are changing reading and library usage. The nationally respected Pew Research Center is conducting an online survey about readers, reading habits, ebooks, and ereader devices. These national surveys help libraries understand current and future reading trends to help serve you better.

The survey can also help library users nationwide show their support for library efforts to provide quality ebook service. Click here to read more about the issues libraries are having with providing ebook services.

The Pew Internet Project will also be doing other general surveys of library users, as well as non-library-users who own e-readers or tablet computers. If you would like to participate future surveys, sign up here to be notified.

To learn more about the Pew Internet Project’s research on e-reading and libraries, which is entirely free and available to the public, Visit

Jeff Tate is a former employee and wrote about digital content such as ebooks, databases and other online services.