Death in a Small Town in Murder and Moonshine

Murder and MoonshineDaisy, a waitress at the H & P, hadn’t seen the recluse Fred Dickerson for years until he burst into the diner and died. It was a suspicious death and the little town in Virginia was abuzz with the news and gossip if it was murder and who did it. Daisy realizes that if Fred was murdered some of the people she cares about might be under suspicion and when an ATF agent arrives to investigate, she decides to get involved.

Investigating a murder is not the easiest or safest thing to do, especially with a sick mother, a gun-toting landlady, and an ATF agent who has more interest in Daisy than just as a helpful witness. The real danger though, is the killer who wants to stop Daisy dead or alive. Murder and Moonshine by Carol Miller is a light but not a silly mystery, which creates a vivid picture of a place where everyone has a past and the family ties go back generations. This is the first book in a new series featuring Daisy.


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