Death in a Wink of an Eye

Wink of An EyeTeenage girls have been disappearing but there’s no official investigation. One deputy secretly and on his own is building a file about the disappearances until his suspicious suicide. Tatum, his twelve-year-old son, believes his father was murdered and luckily the boy has his father’s case file about the missing girls.

Gypsy Moran is a private investigator who has returned home to visit his sister when Tatum asks Gypsy to prove his father was murdered. Gypsy isn’t too sure getting involved is a good idea, but after hearing Tatum’s story Gypsy can’t help himself and takes the case.

Something is rotten in the little town of Wink, Texas and it just might be the other deputies in the sheriff’s department. Gypsy is headed for danger but he’s used to it in Wink of an Eye by Lynn Chandler Willis. This is her first PI novel featuring Gypsy.

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