David Freed’s New Mystery Series Featuring A Flying Detective

Flat SpinPilot and flight instructor Cordell Logan is down on his luck with his last student quitting and bills piling up, and it seems that things couldn’t get any worse until his ex-wife Savannah contacts him and wants his help. Her husband, Arlo, was murdered, but Cordell isn’t too distraught since Arlo was Cordell’s friend who broke up Cordell’s marriage.

Cordell has no intention of getting involved with the murder investigation though Savannah is convinced that the murder has something to do with Cordell’s and Arlo’s past that they shared together in the military. Cordell has kept his previous life in undercover military operations a secret but suddenly finds it’s time to come clean with the cops investigating the murder. The cops don’t believe Cordell and now Cordell has become the main suspect.

From the unwanted attention of the cops to a mysterious car following him, Cordell must rely on past instincts in order to find a killer and clear his name. Flat Spin: A Cordell Logan Mystery is a well written mystery with a quick witted detective who still loves his ex-wife. This mystery is a fun ride written by David Freed, a journalist who was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize’s Gold Medal for Public Service and shared a Pulitzer Prize for the Los Angeles Times coverage of the 1992 Rodney King riots.


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