Court Intrigue in The Goblin Emperor

Goblin EmperorThe youngest son of the elf Emperor, Maia, has spent most of his life away from his cold father, his family and the court. At first Maia lived with his goblin mother both of them ignored and rejected, but after her death he was sent to live with a tutor who treated him with contempt and anger until tragedy struck: an airship crash that left his father and Maia’s three older brothers dead.

Maia’s succession to the throne is a surprise, and he is unprepared for the intrigues and politics of the court as he is faced with a court that is unsure and even hostile to him. With hints of treason and assassination, Maia must navigate with uncertainty to find loyalty, friendship, and family in The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison. This fantasy novel takes place in a detailed and complex world where magic is just a small part of the entrenched court and its entangled relationships

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