Build a better summer reading list

Library staff members have a boatload of book recommendations to help you float away this summer. Here are minnow-size samples of the summer lists we’ve created. See the full lists and lots more splashy summer lists in your library catalog. Simply select “list” as your search category and type “TSCPL Summerfest 2017” in the search box. Then all our great summer lists will rise to the surface.

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Build a butter world

What better way to unite the world than with butter? Check out these butter related titles recommended by Chris Blocker.

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Inspirational novels to enjoy in the shade with lemonade

Deborah Bryan is a big fan of Christian fiction and some of her favorite authors have new books she’s looking forward to reading this summer. A cold beverage, a comfy seat outside and one of these books is a recipe for instant contentment.

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Let an 8-year-old tell you what to read

Natalie Moreland’s daughter shares her favorite books as a second-grader.

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Build a sweeter summer

Looking to make some sweet and tasty treats this summer? Christina Callison has fabulous cookbook recommendations.

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Best audiobooks for summer family road trips

These audiobooks recommended by Andrea Bair are suitable and enjoyable for all ages and no one will ask, “How much further?”

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Explore different worlds this summer

Travis Garwood has recommendations if you are looking to spend some time away from our world. These worlds include aliens, another time and situations that probably aren’t part your current world. Enjoy a little time away. 

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Megan’s go-to summer reads

Megan Johnson recommends books that grab her attention immediately and she can’t put down until she’s finished.

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