Book Group in a Bag Is Even Better

book group in a bagExplore the improved online system for your Book Group in a Bag reservations. Now you can easily browse titles, search for specific titles and search by availability date. It is simple to find and reserve the titles your book club wants to read.

If your book group hasn’t used the Book Group in a Bag service, you should check it out. With Book Group in a Bag a member of your group can check out 10 copies of the same title for six weeks. You can reserve titles for up to one year in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to my existing reservations in the old system?  Will I have to make them all over again?
    Our amazing Book Group in a Bag team has moved all of the existing reservations over to the new system before it went live. So current users won’t need to worry about losing any of their existing reservations.  If you do see any issues with a reservation, please email us at and we’ll get it cleared up for you.
  • Will I need to re-register with the new system?
    Yes. The first time you select a kit and click “reserve,” you will be prompted to enter your library card number and current PIN. KitKeeper will check to make sure your library card information is correct. Then you will fill out a reservation form with your name and contact information.
  • What if I need more help?
    Contact us at We’ll be happy to help you!

NOTE: Those of you who receive email notifications about your kits will be receiving them from a different email address. Emails will be sent from You may want to add that email address to your list of contacts to make sure you don’t miss a notification.

Here’s a quick overview of how to reserve a kit with KitKeeper.

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