I’m Over All That!

Shirley MacLaine is one of my favorite movie stars and also one of my favorite writers.  She was recently interviewed on The Today Show and The View about her newest memoir, I’m Over All That: and Other Confessions. On those shows, she revealed some of the book’s  juicy details about her fascinating life.  Shirley also deals the 2012 predictions in the new memoir.  She thinks things will turn out just fine, although there are some changes that we’ll all have to experience.  She’s always been interested these “New Age” topics.  The new book has all of that and more, but I think many of Shirley’s earlier memoirs (ten and counting!) are fun reads also.  If you want to avoid the “New Age” stuff,  you’ll want to take a look at some of these offerings:

Don’t Fall off the Mountain—Shirley tells how she got started in show business and then miraculously became a movie star.

My Lucky Stars: A Hollywood Memoir—Here she dishes about her costars, directors, and herself.

Out On A Leash: Exploring the Nature of Reality & Love—Terry is Shirley’s dog & coauthor of this book.  A must read for every person who loves dogs!

The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit—Shirley walked this famous Catholic pilgrimage in Spain about 10 years ago.  This is riveting description of her journey, physically and spiritually.

I’ve read all of Shirley’s previous books and was excited to see she had something new out after a four year hiatus. I thought she might be concentrating only on movies nowadays.  I’ll blog about her film career later this year, when she’ll be appearing in a new movie called “Bernie”, costarring Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey.   Shirley hit retirement age back in 1999, so she’s pretty active for a septuagenarian!



Mark Rustman

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