The Arthurian Fantasy Kingfisher

KingfisherPierce Oliver has never met his father, and Prince Daimon does not know who his mother is, but both young men want to find out more about their missing parent. To find his father, Pierce travels to King Arden’s court, and Daimon questions his father, the king about his mother. As the two young men set off on their personal journeys to find their missing parent, King Arden announces a quest for his knights to find the cup of great power that is said to have returned life to a dying god.

The young men’s searches and the quest start out as separate endeavors, but the stories intertwine in Kingfisher. This fantasy novel with its strong Arthurian theme takes place in a modern setting with cars and phones but in a world filled with magic and secrets. This stand-alone novel is by best-selling author Patricia McKillip who was awarded the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement in 2008.

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