Are you bringing a poem to the poetry potluck?

The Kansas Humanities Council is celebrating National Poetry Month by hosting a poetry potluck.

“What is a poetry potluck?” you ask.  “Is there food involved?”

Well…yes and no.  A poetry potluck is an opportunity for everyone in the state to share poetry with one another.  Thepotluck poem poems may be written by the participant or be a favorite poem by another author.

Since this is a “potluck” I’m sure many of the poems will be related to food, but they don’t have to be.  Some suggested topics are:

Family • Special Occasions • Casual Picnics • Strange Salads • Hearty Casseroles • Childhood Memories • The Best Meal You’ve Ever Had • Comfort Food • Bizarre Food • Your Grandmother’s Favorite Food • Food You Hate • Is It Food? • Other Food-Inspired Topics

To submit a poem, print off this Poetry Potluck template.  Write your poem on it.  Scan it. (The library has a scanner you can use and staff to help you with this step if you need it.)  E-mail it to

To enjoy the poetry potluck feast go to the Kansas Humanties Council Pinterest board:

Then we can all say, with poet Mark Strand:

Ink runs from the corners of my mouth. 
There is no happiness like mine. 
I have been eating poetry. 

(click here to read the rest of this poem)


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