All Booked Up: The Prophet

Kathy Jennings recommends The Prophet by Michael Koryta, but will Diana Friend be willing to read outside her comfort zone? The verdict is; watch the video below.

The Prophet is a story about two estranged brothers, one’s a football coach and the other is a bail bondsman. The men are brought together when a teenage girl is murdered. They determine who kills the girl, and as they do, they work through the guilt that’s been haunting them since their own sister was abducted and murdered as a teen.

Koryta has penned a psychological thriller, but it won’t keep you up at night with haunting details of death (a fact Diana appreciates). Kathy recommends this read in part because of the positive reviews it’s received. Koryta has written several novels, but this may prove to be his most popular yet.

Reserve your copy now at The ladies mentioned OverDrive, our downloadable library, and no, The Prophet currently isn’t available for check out in ebook format from the library. However, you can download a few of Koryta’s other titles, including The Cypress House and The Silent Hour. Just click “Find Stuff” and look for ebooks and eaudiobooks links under “Downloads.”

Have you read The Prophet? What do you think? Leave your comment below. Or suggest a different psychological thriller to our readers.

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