All Booked Up – The Paris Wife (book review)

Welcome to the first edition of the All Booked Up video blog. Life gets busy and browsing takes time, so that’s why each All Booked Up video is short but informative. We advise having your pen and paper handy because you are going to want to write down the titles of the books talked about in each episode.

Diana, the library’s Communications & Marketing director, and I have a long history of sharing great reads with one another, but we were having too much fun for just two people, so we’re giving YOU a front row seat as we talk about books.

The Paris Wife by Paula McClain

All Booked Up Ratings GuideThis is a well-written, likable and under-rated book. It’s the first from author Paula McLain. It’s a well-researched book so much so that you can actually feel yourself in Paris. The story follows Hadley, Hemingway’s first wife, and the deterioration of their relationship.

Hadley was from St. Louis. She moved to Chicago and wanted to “live” a little. And that’s where she met Hemmingway, but the book is set in Paris.

The Hemmingways were poor, but he was all about putting on airs so they dipped into her bank account to live the lifestyle that authors and artists were accustomed to during that era in Paris. And he didn’t have any qualms about doing it on her dime.

 Hemmingway was a womanizer, but Hadley accepted it and she was madly in love with him. Even in real life, Hadley never spoke ill of him.

So, write this down, head over to and reserve yourself a copy so you can experience the story of the Hemmingway’s in Paris through Paula McLain’s writing in The Paris.

All Booked Up rates this book: Stylin’


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  1. See also- ‘The Crook Factory’, by Dan Simmons for more great historical fiction about Ernest Hemingway. The book revolves around the author’s running of an intelligence operation in Cuba during World War II. It too is well researched and has his wife Martha as a character, who may be ‘the famous one’ although don’t take my word for that.

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