All Booked Up: The Language of Flowers

If you love fiction, The Language of Flowers is a can’t-miss, according to our reviewer and librarian Kathy Jennings. A few weeks ago, she recommended this novel to her All Booked Up co-host Diana. Diana’s now halfway through the book. Watch their conversation below to see why you may have a hard time putting this book down.

Author Vanessa Diffenbaugh introduces us to Victoria Jones, who’s searching for happiness after a life in the foster care system. Jones is a talented florist who is able to expertly convey messages in the flowers she arranges. Jones is unable to form close connections with people. She experienced some of the worst the foster care system had to offer, so it comes as no surprise that she harbors a deep secret.

allbookedupheelratinggraphic_excellent“She keeps the secret well to herself, but somebody comes along to try and bring that secret out. Whether she allows that or not is the question, and you’ll find out,” Kathy said.

Diana, whose family has first-hand experience with caring for foster children, praised Diffenbaugh for her research and accurate portrayal of the system and the coping mechanisms many foster children develop.

The Language of Flowers was released in 2012 and is Diffenbaugh’s debut novel.

All Booked Up Rating: Excellent

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