All Booked Up: Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir

A new memoir provides an intimate look at the fascinating and glamorous life of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir is a first-person account of the First Lady’s life during the years 1960 through 1964.

Clint Hill, a former Secret Service agent who was assigned to Mrs. Kennedy, penned the memoir with assistance from Lisa McCubbin. He tells his story of what it was like protecting Mrs. Kennedy.

“After all that’s been written about her and her late husband, this book will give readers some insider’s knowledge on the very private former First Lady from the perspective that no one else had,” said Kathy Jennings, librarian and co-host of All Booked Up.

He was there during JFK’s assassination and explains what Mrs. Kennedy did to give her husband respect in his last moments. Clint oversaw her for a year following the assassination. Each of the Kennedy children had their own agents, as did Mrs. Kennedy’s secretary.

Hill writes about how he lived off of $16 a day and that had to cover everything while traveling abroad with the First Lady. Readers will understand the challenges of being a Secret Service agent working with Mrs. Kennedy, who did not lead a structured life. When she decided to go to Camp David, they went. On a whim, she decided to go water skiing, and left agents scrambling to secure the waters around Hyannis Port, Mass. Mr. Hall had to learn to water ski for her.

Hills memoir addresses the personal sacrifice that he made during his service, including missing the birth of his second child.

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