All Booked Up: Fairy Gardens and Desktop Gardens

This edition of All Booked Up features special guest Bonnie, the library’s event coordinator, who shows off her well-adorned fairy garden. Don’t settle for a dull cubicle or office. Bring your space to life, literally, through fairy gardens and other tabletop or desktop gardens. Kathy and Diana show you how.

Before you start a desktop or tabletop garden assess the light source in the area. Bonnie found out the hard way that herbs didn’t do so well in low light, but succulents thrived. Succulent plants have thick fleshly leaves and stems for retaining water. If you have great lighting, mix some herbs and other plants in.

Take your desktop garden to the next level with miniature gnomes, statues, flower pots and other decorations that might provide a “home” for fairies. Many of these items can be found on sale at hobby/craft stores. Fairy gardens have a long history, but saw a resurgence when Disney’s Tinker Bell movie came out in 2008.

Find inspiration to create on our Pinterest Lawn and Garden board or visit the library’s Lawn & Garden Neighborhood, which contains thousands of resources for planting indoor or out. Look for the section labeled “container gardens.” Beautiful Tabletop Gardens is a good place to get started.

Spend some time in our Periodicals area too! Ideas abound in HGTV Magazine, Natural Home and Garden, Martha Stewart Living and Mother Earth Living. Bonnie also suggests Midwest Living magazine, where she found her inspiration, though the library does not own that title.

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Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.