All Booked Up: Cutting for Stone

Kathy does what she does best, recommends a great read to Diana and the rest of you in this edition of All Booked Up. Listen in on the ladies’ conversation to see if this book by Abraham Verghese is for you. Watch the video, and then come back to every other week for more vlog book talks with Kathy and Diana.

Kathy calls Cutting for Stone one of her “all-time favorite books.” It’s a family saga involving twin boys. The readers follow their lives into adulthood from Ethiopia to the U.S. Both become physicians, one via traditional methods and one not-so-traditional methods.

This is the second book from Verghese, who has received much acclaim for it. One of the best parts of reading this book is the powerful ways Verghese’s character development and dialogue impacts you, Kathy said. You will find yourself having a hard time putting it down.

All Booked Up Rating: Excellent

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