Adventure Inspiration

Have you ever watched a movie and thought “I want to go there!”?

We’re officially in summer-mode here at the library and that has always meant to me it’s time for an adventure! Now my real life adventures aren’t due to kick off until late summer, so until then I’ll watch a movie or two with a  setting that makes me dream a little vacation-destination dream.

The first time I remember it happening, I was watching the Jake Gyllenhaal movie Source Code. He’s on a commuter train heading to Chicago and the movie ends on a shot of the bean. I had recently picked up a camera and that last shot really sparked my curiosity. I wanted to photograph the bean up-close and in-person. It took me about a year to save-plan-schedule the trip, but once I got there Millennium Park and Cloud Gate (the bean’s official name) did not disappoint in it awesomeness!

New Zealand earned a spot on my bucket list when we were at the height of Hobbit Fever – and the Lord of the Rings movies were coming to theaters. It’s well documented New Zealand was the filming location so whether it’s real or not, I desperately want to see to Hobbiton! I am enamored with those round doors.


I’m re-watching Outlander at the moment because season three recently came to DVD so Scotland has also officially made it on my bucket list. I’ve already documented my love for all things plaid when season one came out and maybe that was when I subconsciously put it on my list. However, the few episodes in season three with Brianna and Roger doing the tourist thing really made me conscious of it.

So, which movie has inspired you to plan a trip?

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Shannon Eddings

Shannon is movie-obsessed and her infatuation with the silver screen can be traced back to a single event. After helping her move into her first apartment, her mom left her with this parting remark: “Don’t spend all your money at the movies!” From that point on, thanks to her library card, Shannon continues to feed her obsession! She is the library's Database Administrator.