An Adventure Fantasy in Quintessence

QuintessenceOn the western edge of the world there are treasures, magic, and strange creatures in this age of discovery during the reign of Edward VI, son of Henry VIII. It was also a time of deadly strife as science, Protestantism and Catholicism clashed against each other often ending in torture and death. Court physician Stephen Parris is caught in the middle since it was discovered that he dissected a body and is accused of devil worship. Disgraced, Stephen faces death with his only escape being a voyage to the lands on the western edge.

Alchemist Christopher Sinclair, is leading the voyage but his aims are high as he seeks the Quintessence a source of power, and immortality. Christopher and Stephen come from completely different backgrounds and do not trust each other, but they will need each other in this voyage of a lifetime in Quintessence. This alternative history is an adventure fantasy from the voyage to the arrival in the mysterious lands and is the first book in a new series by David Walton.


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