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3 Albums: Open Window Sound Waves

Summer is an adventure and every adventure requires the perfect soundtrack. Find out which sounds are spilling out Kyle’s open windows.

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Apply for Our Author Fair

Our 5th annual Great Writers Right Here author fair is December 9, from 1-4 pm. Apply now for an opportunity to connect with readers and other authors at this free event.

HUSH Podcast #107 – A Book by a Celebrity

Becca Paquette, teen librarian and pop culture fan, shares recommendations for the “A Book by a Celebrity” square in Reading Bingo.

Secrets, suspense and survival

These books will challenge your thinking about secrets, relationships and how we behave under pressure.

Blazing love

It’s a love story gone bad. No, wait! It’s a page-turning true crime story. No, wait! It’s an intriguing portrait of a struggling county. Maybe American Fire is three stories wrapped in one marvelous smoky package.

Let’s discuss Sparks’ romances!

Nicholas Sparks is the name and romantic dramas are his game. I reminisces and list my favorite Sparks movies!