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Jewish Heritage: Recommended Reads from Temple Beth Sholom

Find recommendations for books about Jewish culture and heritage from Debbie Stiel, Rabbi and Librarian at Temple Beth Sholom in Topeka.

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HUSH Podcast #106 – A Book you Listened To

In this episode we talk about the appeal of listening to stories. “Reading” with your ears adds the narrator’s voice, sound effects and full cast productions.

Build a better summer reading list

Library staff members have a boatload of book recommendations to help you float away this summer.

Best of the summer so far

These new reads will distract you from the heat during the day and keep you reading well past your bedtime.

Give me a good procedural any day

Shannon talks about her love of procedural drama and her surprising new gravitation toward Criminal Minds. Maybe you should start binge watching.

3 Albums: Old Dogs/New Tricks

Sometimes the greats just keep on keepin’ on. We’re talkin’ 160 years and counting! Check out these 3 recent releases from 3 legendary artists.