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bag day book sale 2016 Web Feature B

Come and get it

Get your mitts on some great books, movies and music at the Bag & Media Sales.

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Movie Mind tom cruise

Waiting for Reacher

How I became an official Reacher Creature.

Lost in the Stacks

The Notorious Massie Affair

A spoiled socialite wreaks havoc in paradise.

HUSH Podcast #98 – A Book Over 500 Pages

Jacob Ziegler recommends his favorite lengthy books for your “A Book Over 500 Pages” square in our 2017 Reading Bingo challenge.

Fiction 5 with number 5's

New fiction for a new year

If you read lots of books in 2017, your year will be filled with new friends, travel and surprises.

2016 gift guide for book-lovers

Sometimes it’s hard to pick out that perfect title for the book nerd in your life. Here’s your handy guide.