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startegic plan elements April 9, 2024 · Marie Pyko Explore our new strategic plan Our library is prepared for an exciting future with a new strategy based on a planning process that includes your voice. graphic people reading July 13, 2023 · Ginger Park Community of Readers The library supports our community of readers through book clubs, community partnerships to distribute books, book recommendations and lots of bookish conversations. Here are a couple examples. notices featured 1920x500 July 10, 2023 · Ginger Park Library notices get a fresh look New versions of library email notices are HTML, which means they are formatted with images and links. tree on a hill, outside June 16, 2023 · Ginger Park Explore state parks with a free pass Visit the library to pick up a free pass for a single day vehicle entry into any of the 28 Kansas State Parks. customer using a cricut machine April 26, 2023 · Lissa Staley Be a Maker with 3D Printer & Cricut With your library card & a little training you can use a Cricut, a 3D Printer & Adobe creative software to get artsy crafty. marie featured 1920x500 March 27, 2023 · Ginger Park 2022 in Review Review the great strides your library made in 2022 with the help of library staff & customers. Trivia featured 1920x500 January 30, 2023 · Lissa Staley Library Trivia Trivia at the library is a fabulous way to spend a few hours with friends testing your knowledge on a wide variety of topics! lounge featured 1920x500 September 22, 2022 · Ginger Park Movies & Music Lounge coming soon Get a sneak peek at library changes that will give you more space to snack, visit and relax with a book. Level 2 Tech featured 1920x500 August 4, 2022 · Intern Explore new Level 2 Tech Center Increase your technology skills with cutting-edge equipment and software. canoe featured 1920x500 July 29, 2022 · Kimberly Sain Discover how you can help the Kansas River The Kansas Riverkeeper talks about her work & the beauty of the world's longest prairie-based river. January 17, 2022 · Ginger Park Build your home library at Friends Book Sales Buy quality used books, movies and music to support the public library you love. two teens fist bumping in excitement January 14, 2022 · Angie Reed New teen happenings in the Edge Find out what interesting & entertaining teen events are at the library 3-5pm Mon - Thu. phone Free WiFi January 3, 2022 · David Lee King Now offering WiFi hotspots Learn about the WiFi hotspots you can check out with your library card for 21 days. peg and jim September 23, 2021 · Ginger Park Meet new library trustees Peg Dunlap & Jim Ramos Learn about these outstanding community leaders and what they're reading. Marie Pyko name CEO September 16, 2021 · Michael Perkins Marie Pyko selected Chief Executive Officer Pyko's 28-year library career and range of experience has prepared her to be CEO. read dog image September 9, 2021 · Luanne Webb Reading to dogs helps kids gain confidence Learn about special dogs that help calm early readers with their non-judgmental listening skills. June 4, 2021 · Diana Friend Farewell To an Avid Reader  & Library Trustee David Monical inspired and embraced creativity to help the library move forward. November 25, 2020 · Ginger Park Library CEO Gina Millsap Retires After 45 years working in libraries including 15 years at TSCPL, Millsap is retiring. Erin Aldridge June 26, 2020 · Diana Friend The Library Foundation Announces New Executive Director The Library Foundation Board of Trustees announces that executive director Nancy Lindberg is retiring and Erin Aldridge has been hired as her successor. virtual meeting April 23, 2020 · David Lee King Look Better in Virtual Meetings Find tips to help you look and sound better during all your online meetings. Placeholder - No Image Available April 6, 2020 · Ginger Park Get Online for Kindergarten Readiness Help your 3 to 6 year-old get ready for school with fun game-like lessons. library-news-header March 20, 2020 · Lissa Staley Online Newspaper Access Read local and regional news online with your library card. Placeholder - No Image Available March 20, 2020 · David Lee King Meet the Library App Learn how it's even easier to use the library from your device. February 10, 2020 · Ginger Park Book Fix: Ally Teske's Recommendations Explore thought-provoking reads recommended by community member and library fan, Ally Teske.
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