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Explore our new strategic plan

Today’s public library is more than a place. We welcome everyone through our doors, we travel our community providing outreach services, and for many their library is digital and on a device they carry. Public libraries are organizers (yes, the Dewey Decimal system still works), planners and connecting experts who use strategic planning that is reflected in our mission: Sparking curiosity and connecting our community through literacy and learning.

Our library is prepared for an exciting future with a new strategy based on a planning process that includes your voice. You let us know what you need from your library from more than 1,750 responses to a community survey and 9 meetings. You told us that the library is an integral part of your life, and you want more opportunities to learn, explore and connect. What does that look like? I am thrilled to share that it is focused on connection, learning, space, joy and people. Your input has enabled us to create not only a new strategy but also a working document that will empower our library to continue to be a trusted community institution for all our citizens throughout their lives.

The 2024-2029 Strategic Plan is our commitment to being everyone’s place to learn, explore and grow. The Topeka and Shawnee County community truly values those connections, and our library plays a role in the social fabric of this amazing city and county.

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