2019 – Mix It Up!

Mixed media is an adventure. It’s a true test of imagination and skill. Artists combine sometimes drastically different media to create art and meaning. Mixed media gives artists the freedom to work with any tools and material – from traditional paints to fabrics, bronze and even recyclables.

View the Mix It Up exhibit in the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery March 22 – May 12 to see the adventures the selected artists have taken.

This exhibit will include work from Jordan E. Brooks, James Calvin, Charles Cohan, Claire Cowrie, Russell Ferguson, Joelle Ford, Elsa Gramacko, Teresa Harris, R. James Hunt, Audrey Leamon, Ed Navone, Sherry Nickell, Stephanie Munoz O’Neil, Barbara Waterman-Peters, Larry Peters, Randy Regier, Roxane Riva, Joyce Scott, Barbara Solberg, Lynn Wilson and Gary Woodward.

Barbara Waterman-Peters, Berlin Reshifted-A

Barbara Waterman-Peters she combines different types of paint and painting techniques to illustrate the turmoil surrounding the fall of the Berlin Wall. Her use of spray paint, acrylics and stenciling resembles the graffiti of dissension.

Gary Woodward, Stone Rhythm

Another type of mixed media artwork is assemblage. Gary Woodward created his sculptural artwork using objects found in nature. A combination of limestone, handmade paper and cardboard transform his piece into an intimate shrine to the unique nature of Kansas.

R. James Hunt, Envelope

R. James Hunt’s collage is yet another example of mixed media. He combines pencil, a found envelope, paper towels and paint to produce an abstract, two-dimensional artwork.

For some artists, mixed media is the ultimate dream of creating art and expression. Mixed media can be interpreted in a variety of ways from awe inspiring and intriguing to simple and fun. Some pieces may even provoke powerful and life changing feelings. Most importantly, these dynamic creations reflect the freedom of media. Mixed media gives artists a gateway to use an infinite combinations to produce thoughtful pieces of art.


Programs and Events in the Gallery

Collage – Artist Presentation by Barbara Solberg
Sat, April 6 | 1-2pm
Barbara Solberg will talk about her work that incorporates a variety of media and techniques, from pastels, acrylics, oils, lithography and mono-prints to collages of natural objects. She finds inspiration in nature and is captivated by the beauty of the land.

Mixed Media Artist Presentation – Larry Peters
Thu, April 11 | 7-8pm
Peters will discuss his collage and assemblage artworks including concepts, techniques and materials. Everyone is invited to a reception immediately following the presentation.

Sculptor Randy Regier’s Artist Talk
Thu, April 25 | 7-8pm
Regier will discuss his artworks, inspired by toys, ranging from models of fanciful cars to large-scale installations to spaceships with smoking astronauts. Reception following.


Betsy is the associate curator and museum educator at the Sabatini Gallery. She has an MFA from the University of Missouri with a major in Fibers. Betsy has taught art classes at UMKC, Kansas City Art Institute and Washburn University. As an artist, her work is sculptural fibers and focuses on ecological concerns such as the preservation of Kansas prairies in the Flint Hills.