2014 – Wood-Fired: Ceramics from the Library’s permanent collection

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A variety of techniques and textures result from wood-firing. Come check us out.

WOOD-FIRED: Ceramics from the Permanent Collection
FEB 10 – APR 27, 2014
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This is just one small selection of what you’ll see at “Wood-Fired”. Click image for larger picture.

Clay is a material that needs to be heated in a kiln to become ceramic. The greater the heat, the harder and more durable the vessel becomes. There are many different types of kilns in use today.

Wood was the first fuel to be used for firing pottery, and wood-fired kilns have been found all over the world. The act of firing clay can be traced back to the beginnings of civilization.(1)

But why is this traditional method still so popular now that we have access to electric and gas kilns? Many potters are drawn to the effect and unpredictable nature of wood-fired kilns. Ceramics produced in these kilns have a very unique look and feel.

Discover these unique characteristics with a selection of wood-fired ceramics from the Library’s permanent collection.


Ken Bichell | Chris Bonner (Pennsylvania) | Mary Bowron (Maryland) | Chrissy Callas (Belvidere, NJ) | Warren Frederick (Warrenton, VA) | Holly M. Garriott (Greenville, NC) | Jason Hess (Lake Charles, LA) | Randy Johnston (River Falls, WI) | Chris Knapp (Washington) | Derek Larson (Lawrence, KS) | John Neely (Logan, UT) | Don Reitz (Clarkdale, AZ) | Scott Schaefer (Indiana) | Byron Temple (Louisville, KY) | Jack Troy (Pennsylvania)

1. Steve Mattison, The Complete Potter (New York: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003), 196.

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