2012 – Kansas Artist Craftsmen Association

Bound Houses by Amanda Bettis. The Sabatini Gallery is proud to host this exhibit during the 2012 KACA Conference in Topeka.

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It’s human nature to make things.

We take materials, manipulate them, and turn them into something new, from the simplest tools to the finest art. The more we make, the better we get at it. Skill evolves into craftsmanship. Artists are craftsmen who are driven to create works which express their ideas.

The Kansas Artist Craftsmen Association (KACA) showcases the latest in regional, contemporary work in clay, fiber, metal, wood, enamel, jewelry, glass and mixed media—many of which we associate with crafts. There are two exhibition categories: Materials Mastery and Member Exhibition.

Clockwise from top left: Roberta Eichenberg, Marjorie Schick, Anita Powell, Beth Parker, Michaela Groeblacher, and Christopher Graber

The Member Exhibition features work from participating KACA artists, while Materials Mastery is work by KACA artists as well, but has been identified by this year’s juror, Sherry Leedy, to be of the highest caliber in terms of craftsmanship and artistic expression.

Sherry Leedy is the owner and director of Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri.

Watch for the “People’s Choice” voting box located in the Gallery. You get to be the judge by casting a ballot for your favorite piece.

On November 2, the people will have spoken, and we’ll announce our community’s top picks from the exhibit along with the Juror’s awards for the Materials Mastery component.

Voting will run from October 5 through November 2, 2012.

Related Events

Get your vote on!

OCTOBER First Friday Opening Reception
Friday | October 5 | 5:30 – 8:30 PM | Sabatini Gallery
Bring a friend and start your artwalk at the library. Our large parking lot makes carpooling to other locations easy and convenient. Pick your favorite piece and cast your vote for the “People’s Choice” Award. Then head over to NOTO Arts District to see the culmination of our winter clothing drive at the Yeldarb Gallery (909 North Kansas Avenue): Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night like you’ve never seen it before! Visit Seams: Like Van Gogh on Facebook.

NOVEMBER First Friday & Artists’ Awards Reception
Friday | November 2 | 5:30 – 8:30 PM | Sabatini Gallery
For round two of the artwalk circuit, we’ll be serving light refreshments and announcing both the Juror’s Awards as well as our People’s Choice Awards.

Juror’s Statement

Sherry Leedy with Sam the gallery pooch | Image: www. sherryleedy.com

“The outstanding quality and diversity of entries submitted to the 2012 Kansas Artists Craftsmen Association Juried Exhibition made my role as juror a pleasure. Spirited ideas and mastery of material are expressed through a range of styles and attitudes all as individual as their maker’s DNA. The work is thoughtful, intelligent, and full of heart, open to new influences and challenges.Technical expertise and love of material is expressed time and time again with beautiful and often poetic results.

American Craft has had a long and important history in Kansas. The first national juried craft competition originated in Wichita in 1946 and continues today. The role of Craft continues to be as vital and revolutionary now as it was then. Artists and craftsmen use their hands and minds to construct meaning and champion the importance and dignity of the individual object. The communities of makers that form the KACA are a continuation of this proud lineage of spirited philosophical, cultural and political agents of change.” —Sherry Leedy, 2012

About the Organization

Thanks, Sam by Kaila Mock

The Kansas Artist Craftsmen Association (KACA) was founded in 1966 as a resource group for communication, support, workshops, exhibitions, and networking for Kansas artists working in 3-dimensional media at a time when connections and professional guidance were scarce. Since its inception, KACA has been a showcase for the latest in regional contemporary work in clay, fiber, metal, wood, enamel, jewelry, glass and mixed media. KACA members have been in the forefront of creating this awareness and appreciation, by working diligently to promote fine craft in the region for 40-plus years.

Membership Information

Tidal Forces by Jarred Pfeiffer

KACA membership includes higher education faculty members from universities and colleges in Kansas and throughout the nation, public school art teachers, studio artists, students enrolled in art programs, and lovers of craft. If you are a practitioner or supporter of a craft medium and want to expand your learning, attend workshops with nationally-known artists, network with other craft artists, and have the opportunity to show or view work in respected galleries and museums around the state, KACA is for you! —KACA website

Participating Artists include: Lacy Joleen Auchard—Amanda Bettis—Allison Copeland—Debi Cox—Ned Day—Matthew Eames—Roberta Eichenberg—Katrina Florell—Chad Fonfara—Daisy Friesen—Christopher Graber—Michaela Groeblacher—Vicky Hansen—David Harris—Dale Hartley—Jon Havener—Eleanor Heimbaugh—Martha Heimbaugh—Ross Hilgers—James Tony Hurt—Stephanie Lanter—Amy Lenharth—Janet Lewis—David Long—Jane Marie—Patrick Martin—Marshall Maude—Kaila Mock—Maria Raquel Morales—Ted Neal—Kate Oggel—KyoungHwa Oh—Beth Parker—Larry Peters—Jarred Pfeiffer—Anita Powell—Elliot Pujol—Kristopher Roberts—Eric Ryser—Marjorie Schick—Joseph L Smith—Glenda Taylor—Isaac Sandoval—Sunny Shultz—Hunter Stamps—Jan Van Meter—Susie Wecker—Mark Zellers

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