2012 – A Cut Above / 11th Annual Art Exhibit for Children

L to R: Béatrice Coron, Nikki McClure, Clay Rice, Angie Pickman and Cindy Ferguson

June 1 – July 13, 2012

Béatrice Coron | Cindy Ferguson | Nikki McClure | Angie Pickman | Clay Rice

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In a story, anything is possible. A bird can live on the moon. A dinosaur could be in someone’s apartment building. An old woman can live in a shoe. Angie Pickman, Béatrice Coron, Clay Rice, Nikki McClure and Cindy Ferguson delight in stories. They create small worlds, waiting to be explored. You’ll have fun picking out details. Find the beauty and whimsy that is in those details, and put them together to make a story.

Every culture makes something with cut-out paper: paper snowflakes, paper dolls, French silhouettes, German “scherenschnitte” (scissor cuts) and Malaysian shadow puppets. Papercutting is like drawing, only backwards. In drawing, you make a dark line on white paper. In papercutting, you cut holes in the paper and leave just the simple lines and shapes.

In the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery, you can create your own paper creature, make shadow puppets and tell your own story in a puppet theater, and let your imagination play. Because in a story, anything is possible…

-Alice C. Sabatini Gallery

This exhibit is made possible with support from the Sabatini Family Foundation.

Michael Perkins

Multimedia Producer and Visual Artist at the library. Painter of the Kids Library Mural and 3D scapes, Designer of the Learn and Play Bus and AdventureMobile. When not at work you can find me drawing, making stuff out of wood and getting into trouble.