Customer Testimonials

Red Carpet customers continually give effervescent reviews of the library delivery service. We’d like to share their experiences with Red Carpet librarians, materials and services in their own words.

Ruth Wilkin

Ruth Wilkin portrait


Michelle delivers to Ruth at Presbyterian Manor

I’ve lived at Presbyterian Manor for 14 years, and have received Red Carpet services for that entire time. When I moved here and first started receiving the service, I was so impressed by it I wrote a letter to the editor of the Topeka Capital Journal commending it.  It’s just so convenient and helpful – it saves me from having to go to the library, which would be very difficult. I get books and movies – I read a lot, and almost anything – and the library staff that come out seem to remember everything. The people who come out have changed over the years, but they’ve all been so wonderful.  Michelle, who comes out now knows who I am, what I like, and always brings me the items I ask for. The service means so much to us because many of us can’t get out, and it gives us a wonderful opportunity to read, watch movies and keep up with things that are going on. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to use this service if you have the opportunity.  It’s no trouble at all – everything is taken care of for you.  Everybody who can should definitely use it.

Mary Cohoon

Mary Cohoon portrait

Jim Mosher

Jim delivers to Mary at Brewster Place

I’ve checked out books with Red Carpet at Brewster East for five years and it is far beyond anything I would have ever expected.  I don’t drive, and can’t go places where I would have to walk a lot due to health issues, so the service Jim provides for me is fabulous. I’ve simply never had service like this before – Jim knows us all by name, picks out books I like even if I don’t know I’ll like them, and is truly one of a kind.  I’ve never enjoyed the library more than I do right now.  I talk about Red Carpet every chance I get, and tell people that if they aren’t taking advantage of the service, they’re missing out on one of the best parts of living at Brewster.

Susan Hubbs

Susan Hubbs portrait

Megan portrait

Megan delivers to Susan at Wesparke

I’ve received Red Carpet Service here at Wesparke for the past four years and always get a variety of books and DVDs.  I have to say, I would be completely lost without this service. It brings people together, and has allowed me to meet other people who are readers and who have some of the same interests as me. We’re able to chat and compare books – it’s almost like Christmas morning every two weeks. And the people who come out from the library are fantastic. In this day and ag,e where service tends to be poor, Red Carpet is definitely the exception. Megan always answers my questions, puts me on hold for things and helps me find the books I want. Anyone who has the chance should just try it. You have nothing to lose – you can only gain.  There are a lot of lonely moments when you get older, and a book can help to take you away.

Dale Rice

Dale Rice portrait

I’ve received DVDs and books through Red Carpet for the past 10 ½ years here at Aldersgate, and it’s something I really look forward to – as I think most of us who use the service do.  It enables me to fill a gap in my time that’s enjoyable.  A person needs something to fill in the evening hours, so it fills a need in my life.  And the service is excellent.  The staff take care of my every need.  What else could you ask from anybody?  I’ve always told people to be sure to try out the Red Carpet Service, as they would find it very satisfactory.  It’s a wonderful thing to have available and I would really miss it if it wasn’t here.