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Turn your classroom into a fun learning environment with these free programs. We offer 12 programs on animals, science, math, language, fine art and social studies to schools in Shawnee County. Each program is 30 minutes in length.

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Program List

Birds the Word! (K-3rd Grades)


    • Identify birds in your neighborhood, prairie and at the lake as we take a quick look at common birds for this area. We’ll discuss engineering techniques of nest building and get to design nest!

1st-3rd Grades:

    • Identify birds in your neighborhood, prairie and at the lake as we take a quick look at common birds. We’ll discuss engineering techniques of nest building. Plus, carrying out an investigation determining how the shape of a bird’s beak affects what and how it eats!


    Blow the Lid Off Science (3rd-5th Grades)
    You can’t spell ‘chemical reaction’ without ACTION! This program will show students that science can be surprising, fun, and messy!
    Available in-person and live on Zoom!
    Earth, Moon, & Sun (2nd-5th Grades)
    Our Earth’s is part of a trio that makes seasons, weather, tides and so much more. Find out how the Sun and Moon influence our life on Earth. Amazing information and a fun activity.
    Famous Kansans (2nd-5th Grades)
    From Amelia Earhart to Dwight Eisenhower, Gordon Parks to Russell Stover, meet famous Kansans who have left their mark on history.
    Fur, Feathers, Scales & Tails (K-2nd Grades)
    Recognize the differences between a mammal, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Identify the 5 needs of all animals. Discover some amazing adaptations to help them survive. A live animal will visit the classroom.
    Going Buggy (K-4th Grades)
    Bugs make the world go round! What makes a bug an insect? What do they do? How do they grow? Why do we need them? Meet a few and learn about their amazing abilities and attributes; creepy, colorful, charming, carnivorous and more.
    Honey Bees (2nd-4th Grades)
    Get the buzz on bees! How does a bee carry nectar and pollen back to the hive? How do bees communicate? Discover what bees do and why they’re so important in this interactive program.
    Available in-person.
    Kansas Symbols (1st-3rd Grades)
    Get acquainted with our state symbols. Learn fun, interesting facts through our hands-on live animal program.
    Kansas Symbols Storytime (K-2nd grade)
    What are our state symbols? We will read picture books and learn the facts about our state symbols in this fun, informative storytime.
    Storytime Adventure (K-4th grade)
    Bullying, friendship, space, holidays… give us a topic and we will choose two-three books to read to your class. Picture books are a great way to start a discussion, introduce a topic, or just have some laugh out loud silliness.
    What’s That Sound? (3rd-5th grade)
    What is sound? Students know how to make it, but this program will teach them what it is, how it works, and show them how to make a simple musical instrument.
    Available in-person and live on Zoom!
    Written & Illustrated: Eric Carle (1st-3rd grade)
    With over 70 books produced in 50 years, Eric Carle is one of the most beloved children’s authors. Learn a bit about his life and art in this program. We will also read a classic book and create some art of our own!