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Add more fun learning to your classroom with these free library programs. We offer programs on animals, science, math, language, fine art and social studies to schools in Shawnee County. Programs are available Mondays – Wednesdays and are 30 minutes in length.

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Program List

A Water Molecule Adventure (3rd-5th Grades)
Water can be found on earth in all three states of matter – solid, liquid, and gas. Students will experience this as they move through the water cycle. They will get to make a beaded water cycle bracelet or zipper pull as they complete their adventure.
Amazing Animal Engineers (3rd-4th Grades)
Designing, fixing, and improving habitats for survival. Find out how animals build shelters to protect themselves from predators and extreme weather. Students will be challenged to make a spiderweb that can hold an insect (kidney bean).
Bird Beak Bonanza! (3rd Grades)
Discover the amazing adaptation of birds and their beaks. Students will get to experiment with different tools to see what works best to pick up the gummy worms, seeds, etc. and what bird would have that beak.
Breakout Box (4th-5th Grades)
Can your class use teamwork to break out of the box? Four programs are available
Flowing Electrons Electricity (3rd-5th Grades)
What’s going on when we flip the light switch? Students will see demonstrations of electricity and learn the basics, including safety.
Sensational Science (3rd-5th Grades)
Science can be fun! Students will see different types of processes, learn about why they work, and will get instructions for doing them at home.
Topeka’s Top 10 (3rd-5th Grades)
Not available after April 14th, 2023
Take a quick tour of the Top 10 people and places that have helped shape Topeka
Weather (4th-5th Grades)
Students will learn the basics about how moving masses of air make weather work.
What’s That Sound? (3rd-5th Grades)
What is sound? Students know how to make it, but this program will teach them what it is, how it works, and show them how to make a simple musical instrument.
William Allen White Book Talks (3rd-5th Grades)
Not available after April 14th, 2023
Book Talks on the 2022-2023 William Allen White Children’s Book Award nominees