Beginning Computer Classes

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Beginning Computer Navigation

Learn to hold and move the mouse with comfort and ease. Learn about check-boxes, scroll bars and more. Handout: Computer Navigation

Online class: Getting Started on a Computer and Mousing Around to practice mouse skills.

Windows 10 for Beginners

Learn about Windows 10 features such as tiles, charms bar, and accessories. HandoutsWindows 10 – Introduction

Online classes:  Using a Windows 10 PC

Internet Introduction

Learn basic internet functions and visit a variety of sites for information and entertainment. Handouts: Internet Introduction

Online instruction: Navigating a website

Google It

Google does more than find webpages. Search for information, images, videos, maps, and learn about Google apps and software. Handouts: Google It

Online Instruction: Basic Search and How to search from

Email for Beginners

Learn to login to an account and to open, delete, reply to, forward and forward email messages.

Online Instruction Intro to Email  and Intro to Email 2