Obituary Request Form

Once you’ve found the obituaries you are looking for, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the catalog listing
  2. Paste the catalog listing into the online obituary request form below
  3. Submit the form

Once you’ve submitted the form, a staff member will reply to your request.

You can also submit requests via USPS mail

If you cannot find the person of interest in our index, use the form below to send us the name and the day, month and year of death and we will search physically.

Kansas residents receive free copies of obituaries.

Fees for out-of-state requests

Submit your Obituary Request using the form below.

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Obituary Request

  • Copy and paste or type in the complete information from the index, include the decedent ‘s full name, the newspaper, day, month, year, and page number in the above box. Please limit your request to 10 searches.

Alternate Request Option: Send via USPS mail

Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

Obituary Requests
1515 SW 10th
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If you must call, use (785) 580-4510.

Allow two to four weeks for delivery.