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black & white photo of elaboarate mansion April 18, 2024 · Katie Keckeisen Anatomy of a Folly: The history of Topeka's peculiar mansion An eccentric millionaire. The birth of a religious movement. A speakeasy. A mysterious fire. All this can be found in the history of one of Topeka's most awe-inspiring houses. True Crime March 5, 2024 · Hayley Swisher Local History: The last illegal public hanging in Topeka (Part 2) Pick up on the story of a 1889 Topeka burglary that claimed the life of A.T. Rodgers and his murderer. online newspaper search January 22, 2024 · James Mosher Finding local & family history in Newspaper Index Learn a little history about the Topeka and Shawnee County newspaper index and how to use it to find your family history. True Crime January 22, 2024 · Hayley Swisher Local History: Last illegal public hanging in Topeka (Part 1) An 1889 late night attack in Topeka at 3rd & Fillmore started the events that led to an illegal public hanging. retro cooking December 14, 2023 · Katie Keckeisen Retro recipes from the Topeka Room Katie tried cookie recipes from newspapers & recipe books in the library's local history section from between 1913 & 1946. WWII photo November 14, 2023 · Susan Schafer Researching your family's veterans Find resources to help you explore the lives of your family's veterans from any U.S. military conflict. bank robber November 7, 2023 · Susan Schafer Bank robbers, G-Men & 1937 Topeka shoot out On April 16, 1937, 2 fugitives & 3 FBI agents met at a Topeka post office. What happened became national news. sam radges October 12, 2023 · Katie Keckeisen Local History: The eccentric life & death of Samuel Radges Explore one of Topeka’s most unusual citizens – secretary of a liars club & eccentric afterlife planner. medium image September 19, 2023 · Katie Keckeisen Local History: Topeka's spiritualist fraud In 1881 at a séance held by Mrs. Holladay in Topeka, William W. Aber said spirits declared him to be a powerful medium. Old Photos September 6, 2023 · Sherri Camp Caring for your personal collections Find best practices to protect & store your collection of photos, documents, quilts or other heirlooms. murder August 24, 2023 · Katie Keckeisen Local history: library, lottery & murder shocked Topeka In 1876, a scandal threatened to tarnish the library’s reputation and even led to murder. golden rule April 21, 2023 · Debbie Stanton The Golden Rule in genealogy Learn how the Golden Rule applies to your family history research and give back to your global community. train old March 14, 2023 · Adrienne Sanders Who built the railroad? Adrienne uncovers the history and contributions of immigrant railroad workers in Topeka. Abandoned Featured 1920x500 March 6, 2023 · Hayley Swisher Abandoned Topeka with Emily Cowan Author Emily Cowan conducted a large amount of research to discover & document Topeka's hidden stories. Abolition of Slavery - Featured 1920x500 February 27, 2023 · Susan Schafer Freedom: A Documentary History of Emancipation Find first person narratives & primary sources to research the destruction of slavery & the transition to freedom. family featured 1920x500 December 28, 2022 · Sherri Camp Writing your family's story You can tell the story of your family's culture, neighborhoods & experiences to add to our collective history. train old December 13, 2022 · Adrienne Sanders Railroad history: Choose your own adventure Adrienne offers suggestions for uncovering interesting facts about Topeka's railroad history. Carnival Featured 1920x500 October 11, 2022 · Adrienne Sanders Uncovering the history of local festivals Adrienne explores the drama of Topeka's first fall festival in the late 1890s. recipes featured 1920x500 August 11, 2022 · Adrienne Sanders Local cookbooks are a window to the past Adrienne explores cookbooks from all sorts of Topeka-based churches, clubs and businesses 1908 - 1989. newspaper online featured 1920x500 July 28, 2022 · Susan Schafer Online newspapers – amazing genealogy resource Newspaper research can bring your ancestors' stories to life with facts & insight into to their lives. family tree - featured 1920x500 June 17, 2022 · Sherri Camp Easy steps to create and print your family tree With the help of these simple tips, creating a family tree has never been easier. Innovators of Topeka - featured image 1920x500 June 16, 2022 · Adrienne Sanders Get to know inventors & innovators of Topeka's past From telephones to hygiene, Adrianne uncovers some of Topeka's most historically innovative people. Jewish Featured - 1920x500 May 27, 2022 · Sherri Camp Celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month with research Genealogy Librarian recommends databases & resources to help you research your Jewish heritage online. White Lake Mall Featured 1920x500 April 20, 2022 · Adrienne Sanders Rise & fall of White Lakes Mall Explore the history of White Lakes Mall including what made it exciting when it was new.
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