Easy access to the latest genealogy info

Are you looking for genealogy research trends, how to search for a hard-to-find ancestor, new genealogy products and resources? Family Tree Magazine is the source for you and you can access it with your library card!

Genealogy is a dynamic discipline that is continually changing and updating. New databases and collections become available online and are published in a variety of formats regularly. Lots of folks are interested in discovering where they came from and who their people are. Family Tree Magazine helps you stay up-to-date on the latest information.

Resources for everyone

woman reading magazine at homeGenealogy magazines generally fall into two categories: scholarly – professional genealogists writing academic articles, or practical – magazines with tips and tools for finding ancestors. Family Tree Magazine does both, plus so much more. The magazine is geared toward beginning and intermediate researchers, but there is plenty in the publication to appeal to professional researchers as well. In the most recent issues you’ll find articles on how to write your family history, researching Ellis Island records, saving home and garden tools, and finding your ancestors in historical newspapers.

Related topics

Family Tree Magazine also covers topics related to genealogy like preserving family heirlooms and photographs. Articles might include how to research in other countries, DNA, book reviews and tips for finding specific types of ancestors. Each issue has a Research Guide that focuses on two states. In the May/June 2023 issue the guide features New Mexico and South Carolina. The guides include the history of the state, types of records available and where to find them – websites, publications, archives and organizations that focus on researching in the state’s records.

young man working at a computerThe magazine also has fun articles like planning a genealogy road trip, organizing a family reunion, scrap-booking and crafts. There is something for everyone, including projects for kids.

In addition to the magazine, the companion website Family Tree Magazine offers tips on how to get started searching, free forms, genealogy website reviews, articles on DNA testing, projects and crafts for adults and kids.

Family Tree Magazine is published six times per year. You can check out print and online issues starting with October 2019 and continuing through the current issue.

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