HUSH – A Podcast From Your Library

Every three weeks in 2019, join librarian hosts Thad Hartman, Lissa Staley, and Miranda Ericsson with special guests from the library and community.

  • What I Read episodes feature recommendations on a theme from an enthusiastic reader in our community.
  • Special ” 2Book Topeka Book Club” episodes will discuss books from the library’s community reading program. 

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for future topics please comment on our blog posts or send us an email at

HUSH Upcoming Episodes

  • May 14, 2019 – What I Read: Tween Reads – Ginger Park will share fabulous recommendations!
  • June 4, 2019 – What I Read: Romance – Stephanie Hall, Autumn Friedli and Lissa Staley will share appealing recommendations!

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Reading Challenges 2017-2018

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Recent Episodes

HUSH Podcast #140 – What I Read: Jane Austen Variations

Shari talks about reads that continue Jane Austen stories or provide a modern twist on these classics.

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HUSH Podcast #139 – What I Read: Romance

Listen in as Stephanie and Autumn talk about romance and their favorite reads.

HUSH Podcast #138 — What I Read: Tween Reads

Listen in as Ginger recommends middle-grades books enjoyable for readers of all ages.

HUSH Podcast #137 – What I Read: Shakespeare

Listen in on our new episode as Marian helps us brush up on our Shakespeare.

HUSH Podcast #136 — What I Read: International Cookbooks

Listen in on our delicious new episode when Michelle discusses reading international cookbooks.

HUSH Podcast #135 — What I Read: Amelia Peabody Mysteries

Listen in as Zan shares recommendations for historical and historical mystery series.