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kids running May 31, 2023 · Arion Beals Kid Tested Librarian, Approved: Get outdoors If you're planning a day of family fun or entertaining a group of kids, playing outside can be the perfect answer. art inspired February 10, 2023 · Zan Popp Shades of Greatness Exhibit features art by 28 diverse artists who interpret the Negro Leagues experience. film strip on a colorful background September 12, 2022 · Nessa Johnson The Reel World: Step outside your arena Nessa recommends intriguing documentaries about unique sports that might not on be on your radar. house on wheels image August 25, 2021 · Guest Blogger Cargo bikes reduce driving & increase happiness Learn about Topekans using cargo bikes to carry groceries, kids, tools and a playhouse. diagram of a game plan on a chaulk board July 27, 2019 · Dave Coleman Sports on the Moon Imagine how the moon's gravity would affect the way sports are are played. woman skydiving in the air May 8, 2019 · Matt Pettit Get Ready to Jump from a Plane Check out skydiving facts and resources to gear up for a jump or just admire those who do. pickleball paddles near the shadow of netting April 4, 2019 · Dave Coleman Pickleball Anyone? Learn about America's fastest growing sport. 2book topeka web header. image of dixon with a baseball cap and ball February 28, 2019 · Chris Blocker At Bat with Phil S. Dixon Learn about this baseball historian and author, and plan to meet him at the library March 12. two hunters and a dog hunting at a lake February 1, 2019 · Matt Pettit Making the Most of Hunting and Fishing Discover hunting and fishing resources at the library. baseball game July 5, 2018 · Matt Pettit ABC's Wide World of Sports Older sports fans will remember a groundbreaking show that introduced American television audiences to numerous sports. empty outdoor baseball stadium. April 5, 2018 · Dave Coleman Take Me Out to the Ball Game Learn the history of baseball's favorite song. motorcycle stuntman in action February 4, 2018 · Matt Pettit More Evel Browse this review of the Evel Knievel Museum and recommendations for Evel reads. a collection of papers about world heavyweight champion boxer Muhammad Ali January 4, 2018 · Dave Coleman The Greatest of All Time A new book on Muhammad Ali shines light on his life in and out of the ring. December 7, 2017 · Nate Hohl The Magic of a Championship Season Explore recommended championship season reads, even if your team wasn't the winner. October 4, 2017 · Matt Pettit Being Evel Learn more about the complicated and stunt-filled life of Evel Knievel. gold star standing out on pile of gray colored stars. June 12, 2017 · Nate Hohl 2017 Topeka Sports Hall of Fame Inductees Who are the 2017 Topeka Sports Hall of Fame Inductees? Nate shares the names and bios of each of the three new inductees. empty outdoor baseball stadium. May 22, 2017 · Matt Pettit Places of Baseball Baseball fans focus on the obvious—players and teams—the who, why and how of the game. One aspect of Major League Baseball is always in front of us—the where. Place matters to owners, players and fans. April 20, 2017 · Nate Hohl The Accomplishments of the Late Steve Tilford Topeka native and cycling great Steve Tilford was tragically killed in a car accident earlier this month. Nate highlights some of Tilford's accomplishments in the world of cycling. March 23, 2017 · Matt Pettit Opening Day, 1947 The story of how Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier in 1947. a-life-well-played September 29, 2016 · Nate Hohl Remembering Arnold Palmer and Jose Fernandez Sunday was a tough day in the world of sports. Two prominent sports figures - Arnold Palmer and Jose Fernandez - died, one a legend in his sport for decades, and the other just beginning to tap the limitless potential in his right arm. Both will be remembered; one for all he accomplished in his sport, and the other for all he might have accomplished. Placeholder - No Image Available June 29, 2016 · Dave Coleman Passing of a Pioneer Placeholder - No Image Available June 22, 2016 · Matt Pettit Pelé - soccer star Legendary Brazilian football star Pelé is in the news. Find out more about him! a collection of papers about world heavyweight champion boxer Muhammad Ali June 5, 2016 · Nate Hohl Muhammad Ali - 1942-2016 Want to know more about arguably the greatest boxer who ever lived, and one of the most influential figures of the 20th Century? Nate lets you know what the library has to offer. wrigley field April 14, 2016 · Matt Pettit Wrigley Field Slugfest: Check out a Ball Game! The game was on Thursday afternoon May 17, 1979 at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. The Cubs hosted the Philadelphia Phillies. This game has it all for the baseball fan ... and you can check it out!
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