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Wrigley Field Slugfest: Check out a Ball Game!

wrigley field

A day game for the ages. Wrigley Field slugfest. Wildest game in modern history. #20 of MLB Network’s Top 20 Games. Looks like a football score.

The game was on Thursday afternoon May 17, 1979 at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. The Cubs hosted the Philadelphia Phillies. This game has it all for the baseball fan, including:

  • notable players (Dave Kingman, Pete Rose, Larry Bowa, Tug McGraw, Tim McCarver, Bill Buckner, Bob Boone) on legendary teams (Cubs and Phillies).
  • Hall of Famers (Mike Schmidt and Bruce Sutter).
  • High scoring (45 runs).
  • Home Runs (12—including a legendary 530-foot blast “three houses deep” on Waveland Avenue).
  • An unlikely comeback (fans who left the stadium early missed out on history).

But you can watch it (or peek at the box score below, or online) for the exciting results! You can check out the game (it's included in a DVD set in the library’s Sports Neighborhood): Baseball’s Greatest Games. Others in that set include a list of championship games:

  • 1960 World Series, Game 7: Pirates / Yankees
  • 1975 World Series, Game 6: Red Sox / Reds
  • 1985 NLCS, Game 5: Cardinals / Dodgers
  • 1986 World Series, Game 6: Mets / Red Sox
  • 1991 World Series, Game 7: Twins / Braves
  • 1992 NLCS, Game 7: Pirates / Braves
  • 1993 World Series, Game 6: Blue Jays / Phillies
  • 2003 ALCS, Game 7 and Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS: Red Sox / Yankees

The library has several baseball-related DVDs. Of course, don't miss the World Champion Royals with the 1985 and 2015 collector's sets. Stop by the Sports Neighborhood in the library's west wing for your sports reading and viewing needs. Interested in a book or video the library does not carry. Make a purchase suggestion or have us borrow from another library. Watch our video with photos and profiles of members of the Shawnee County Sports Hall of Fame.



Next day's box score from the New York Times:

Box Score 1
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