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YA Page to Screen Trivia

Test your knowledge of YA books turned into movies!

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Lemon Berry Pancake

Anyone Can Cook Pancakes

Let’s learn how to make some really fancy lemon blueberry pancakes.

Film reel with clapperboard

Making Short Films

Discover Lynda.com courses to jump-start your filmmaking.

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Teen Art Club: Photo Collages

Get artsy crafty with photos of your favorite memories!

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mermaid cake

Anyone Can Cook: Cake Off

Check out these interesting cakes librarians made based on books & consider making your own.

Teen Art Club: Herbal Sachets

Learn to make lovely sachets to add a fresh scent anywhere.

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What Happens Next?

Explore how foreshadowing and suspense can keep readers glued to the page.

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What Are Your Characters Fighting For?

Think about ways to write about conflict to make your characters and story stronger.

Tips for Writing Dialogue in Fiction

Explore ways to make your characters sound authentic.

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