Curiosity Club Virtual Summer

American folklore book covers

Curiosity Club: American Folktales

Let’s jump into the exciting into folktales of the American frontier.

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Spinning Web

Curiosity Club: Spinning Tales

Find out about spinning and weaving in folklore and mythology.

Norse Mythology

Explore Norse Mythology

Thor, Odin and the Gods of Asgard were around thousands of years before marvel comics.

Previous Curiosity Club Activities


June 5 The History & Folklore of the Majestical Unicorn: Explore facts and fables about unicorns and make a unicorn mask!
June 12 Stories of the Americas: Examine corn’s importance and its place in myths and stories. We’ll make a corny craft.
June 19 Cinderella Around the World: Talk about the different versions of Cinderella in different cultures. Design your own Fairy Godmother wand.
June 26 Fun with Fairies: Talk about fairies and their stories. Create your own fairy house.
July 10 The World of Dragons: Explore dragon myths from around the world. Kids will be able to make their own fire breathing dragon head or dragon egg.
July 17 Crazy Cryptids: From bigfoot to mermaids, cryptids allow our imaginations to soar. Learn about cryptids in folklore and take a crack at creating your own crazy cryptid.
July 24 Norse Mythology: Creation of the Vikings: Discover Norse mythology. Make your own Loki or Thor helmet or a flowered Frig or Freya head band!
July 31 Spinning Tales: Spinning fiber is part of many folk tales. Uncover why spinning was so important long ago and learn how to create your own web weaving!
August 7 American Folklore: Uncover the history of Johnny Appleseed, Annie Oakley & Daniel Boone. Plant an apple seed, make a Daniel Boone hat, or create your own story with hand puppets.