Adventure Bags

Howler monkey craft kit supplies12 Weeks of Summer Fun

What is a Rainforest? Spot the jaguar! Why are spiders important? Plus 9 more bags that provide hours of engaging entertainment as you discover more about this tropical jungle. Pick up a new Adventure Bag each week at the library beginning May 22!

Here’s the topic for each week:

May 22-30 What is a rainforest?

June 1-6 Spot the jaguar!

June 7-13 Why are spiders important?

June 14-20 The largest rodent in the rainforest!

June 21-27 40 Different kinds of toucans

June 28 – July 3 Why are butterflies so colorful?

July 5-11 Snakes big & small

July 12-18 Can you howl like a Howler Monkey?

July 19-25 Red-eyed tree frogs have toes

July 25 – Aug 1 Slow, slower, slowest sloth

Aug 2-8 Battle of the bugs

Aug 9-15 What can you do to help the rainforest?