Adventure Bags

Howler monkey craft kit supplies12 Weeks of Summer Fun

What is a Rainforest? Spot the jaguar! Why are spiders important? Plus 9 more bags that provide hours of engaging entertainment as you discover more about this tropical jungle. Pick up a new Adventure Bag each week at the library through Aug 15. While supplies last.

Weekly Themes & Project Videos

Here is the rainforest theme for each week and a video of us putting the weekly project(s) together. Below each week’s video(s) is a PDF of the project(s) instructions in case we ran out of Adventure Bags before you got one. We’ll add more videos as we move through summer.

For even more fun, visit Teachables and login with the your library card. Type the animal of the week in the search bar and find all kinds of printables about the rainforest!

May 22-30 What is a rainforest?

Week 1 Projects Instructions

June 1-6 Spot the jaguar!

Week 2 Projects Instructions

June 7-13 Why are spiders important?

Week 3 Model Spider & Web Instructions

June 14-20 The largest rodent in the rainforest!

Week 4 Projects Instructions

June 21-27 40 Different kinds of toucans

Week 5 Projects Instructions

June 28 – July 3 Why are butterflies so colorful?

Week 6 Projects Instructions

July 5-11 Snakes big & small

Week 7 Chinese New Year Snake Instructions

July 12-18 Can you howl like a Howler Monkey?

Week 8 Projects Instructions

July 19-25 Red-eyed tree frogs have toes

Week 9 Projects Instructions

July 25 – Aug 1 Slow, slower, slowest sloth

week 10 sloth instructions

Aug 2-8 Battle of the bugs

Week 11 Projects Instructions

Aug 9-15 What can you do to help the rainforest?

Help the Rainforest Instructions