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October 18, 2022, was the last day to register to vote in the November 8, 2022 General Election in Shawnee County.

See the Shawnee County Elections Office’s 2022 Election Calendar to view information regarding deadlines, dates and times for upcoming elections.From https://www.snco.us/election/calendar.asp

Additional information is available on the Shawnee County Election Office website and voters who require assistance may call the Election Office at (785) 251-5900.

Check your registration status or find your polling place at  Voter View from the Kansas Secretary of State.

  • Enter your name and date of birth
  • Review your polling place
  • See your voting history in Kansas
  • View a sample ballot
Not registered to vote? Here's how to get registered.
  • Visit the library’s Customer Service Desk to fill out a registration form to be eligible to vote.
  • Visit a location to fill out a paper registration form.
  • nd mail it in.
  • Register online with the Online Voter Registration Application from the Kansas Secretary of State. To register to vote online, you must have a valid Kansas driver’s license or non-driver’s identification card. 

Topeka Metro provides free rides on election day

Topeka Metro will offer free rides for Election day, Tuesday, November 8th, 2022, for all fixed route passengers and two rides for the day for paratransit users.

Topeka Metro provides free rides on election day to help people who may not have reliable transportation or any transportation at all, so that they can vote on November 8th.

“Topeka Metro offers this service so that our passengers have a way to fulfil their civic duty without transportation hardship,” said Bob Nugent, Topeka Metro General Manager. “We encourage passengers to know where their polling location is and to be sure that they know which bus route to take. For help planning a bus trip, our customer service is available at 785-783-7000.”

Polling locations can be found by accessing the Shawnee County Election Office website at www.myvoteinfo.voteks.org/VoterView.

Topeka Metro’s system map is on the website at www.topekametro.org/routes-and-detours.

Resources for Information about Candidates & Issues

Advance Voting Information

Election Day Polling Information

If you are not a Shawnee County resident, contact the Election Office of the county in which you live for your accurate local election information.