Genealogy Roadshow Campaign

Help bring the hit PBS show, Genealogy Roadshow, to Topeka! See how you can get involved.

On the Roadshow, genealogists work with participants’ anecdotal clues, documents and family heirlooms to unite them with histories and people they never knew existed, as well as to reveal surprising turns and incredible histories.

Bringing the Roadshow to Topeka and Kansas will enrich and excite our entire community and inspire them to research their ancestors and build a sense of connectedness both to family and community. That new dialogue will help us, especially our young people, to connect with the generations before them, enriching lives and changing perspectives on our collective history and the future of our city and our state. It is vital that we explore how this rich heritage makes the Midwest such a different place from the rest of the U.S.

What can you do?

Flood the Genealogy Roadshow (GR) Producers with contacts to get attention for them to visit Topeka! Help us get the their attention by emailing, calling, and/or filling out the GR Casting Application.  We will use #GenealogyRoadshow for our media!

Genealogy Roadshow Petition

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