Connect with family to uncover your history

Share stories with your family

family group

Here’s a picture from one of my family’s gatherings.

Time you share with your family and focus on your loved ones both those living and those who have passed on is a good time. Get to know each other, connect, share stories of current and past generations, and have fun! The laughter and memories you share will last a lifetime.

Recording and saving these stories will help future generations understand their ancestors. Here are a few questions to help you get started learning family stories:

  • Do you know the life stories of your grandparents?
  • Do you know why your family lives in the town they live in?
  • What brought your family to that place?

Tips & activities on how to share family history

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If you are just getting started learning about your ancestors, our FREE genealogy classes are an excellent place to start. Visit the library’s Topeka Room and Baker Genealogy Center or download our worksheets. Check out the family history how-to books below and check our catalog for more books that may help you with your genealogy.

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As a veteran genealogist, I love teaching and sharing digital family history and genealogy techniques and helping people solve genealogy problems. Being the Genealogy Librarian at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library is so much fun! I work to promote a greater knowledge of family, history, and heritage.